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Time has become more precious due to classes. Projects and assignments quickly deplete the amount of spare time a normal student can have. However, beyond the freshman year curriculum, drawing classes are no longer required. Focus switches to honing our skills with computer animation programs and less on sharpening our skill with the pencil. Scheduled gatherings aimed specifically to sharpen the drawing ability would prevent our skills from becoming rusty. Organized trips to the museums (such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art), zoos, or even to a scenic view of the city would encourage students to pick up a pencil again and get a fresh breathe of air away from computers. It would also enrich the aesthetic senses. More classes devoted to animation would also be preferred to observe and carefully study the movement of the human body, animals, vehicles, etc. Practice with the pencil is easier than with a computer animated model. 2D animating would also help to attain a firmer grasp and feel for how things flow, taking into consideration the power of gravity, wind, and other natural forces.

A forum would also be great but should not be limited to the computer art department. An informal forum devoted to the students can be made to display works and also give their creators exposure and quick feedback. It would also raise interaction among classmates, teachers, administrators as well as granting them contact to the world outside the School of Visual Arts. A list of links to a student’s own individual website could also be set up. Sub-forums can be built to discuss and share tutorials, artistic techniques, job listings/employers, etc. developed by the teachers and students alike. Should someone have a “how to” question in Maya, a speedy response can be granted. Somebody else may want a critique on a piece of artwork they just finished. A message board allows multiple responses from variety of people. It is also a nice place to hang out for students who also happen to be internet junkies. A forum like this would incite a lot of inspiration and stimulate creative thought among peers.

Smaller classes allows teachers to help their students progress. It gives you greater access to the teachers and a better opportunity to get your questions answered. Teacher can also make sure the students have learned the concepts and material. Smaller classes also tend to have a more friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

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