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O.S. - program designed to maintain and run other programs


Intel, AMD - (OS) Windows (NT,ME,95, 3.1...) Server 2k, 3.1, 95; (software applications - Adobe, Maya, 3D studio max...)

Macintosh - (OS) Mac OS x; (software applications - Adobe Illustrator, Quark, Maya, F. Cut Pro, AVID...)

SGI - IRIX(MAC), LINUX(PC) <--both which are UNIX; (software applications - Maya, SoftImage, AVID ::video editing solution::)

Sony/Microsoft - (OS) PSX, XBOX, Nintendo; (software app - Games)

Unix as an architect was designed to supposrt 50 - 50k people.
Apple - Education and graphical programs
IBM - Business Product

Internet - world wide collection of collected comp networks
Switch - Hi - speed computer designed to control network traffic
TCP/IP - language of the computers Transfer Control Protocol; Internet Protocol
*All computers must hae a TCP/IP to use the internet.
DNS - Domain Name Service - Program which translate english to IP addresses)

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